Aquarius Personality in Urdu – Aquarius Meaning in Urdu

Aquarius Horoscope in Urdu

Aquarius Personality in Urdu – Aquarius Meaning in Urdu (20 January to 18 February):

Intelligent And Unconventional

Aquarians people are intelligent and they solve big problems with ease. Aquarius Horoscope in Urdu they often put others in amaze with their remarkable intelligence. They love to go deep down for details of various things and want to know the truth behind the scene. They possess a kind heart. They think differently and do different things. They find amazing resources to do work and to achieve their goals. Their unique ways of doing things fetch many friends for them and this keeps them away from boredom. They have fewer enemies. To achieve their objectives, they can go for anything and find the destination with firm determination.

Aquarians Like To Be On Their Own

Aquarians love to do work on the basis of their own abilities. They usually do not trust others. Work alone and achieve the objectives is the core idea behind their activities. They do not let others to know what they are thinking or what they are going to do next. They look comfortable and calm doing anything but they do not show off what is actually going inside them. They have a particular unique nature that is not common to many people. They love to work independently and they do not obey anyone else. They do not face their failures and defend their defaults every time.


Even these people love to do work alone, but once they become friend they will show a high level of trust and faith. Because of their nature and intelligence, people attract towards them and want their friendship. They stand through thick and thin and help their friends in each and every matter.

Health Concerns

These people do not take care of their health. They do think about a healthy life but make minimum efforts to sustain a healthy life. For such a nature, Aquarians people often are faced with nervous breakdowns, diarrhea, and other physical as well as psychological health related issues.

A Glimpse At Their Dark Side

Aquarians are difficult to understand. They often feel anger on little things. They are not ready to face the bitterness of truth rather than, they make their own point of view and stick to it. Much of their activities depend on their moods. They do not turn from their words irrespective of the fact that someone is getting troubles because of them.