Aquarius Monthly Horoscope in Urdu 2021 – Horoscope in Urdu

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope in Urdu 2021

It is the eleventh zodiac sign. The dates of the Aquarius start from January 20 and end at February 18. There are two sides of an Aquarian; one would be extremely shy and quite while the other side will be highly energetic. Aquarians are imaginative people, they always need time for themselves and they are problem solvers. As their symbol is the water bearer and their element is air they are not very hyper people and usually are calm and cool. Their lucky stone is Turquoise and lucky color is grey and blue.

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Aqiarois 2021 Monthly Horoscope

As 2021 is approaching, everyone is keen what the year will bring for them. As we are not aware of the future but we always hope for the best. And this hope keeps us going. Anyone who is curious to know about their 2021 horoscope they can visit the website and

There they can get any kind of information related to their zodiac sign.
There will be some unexpected events in 2021 but overall the year will be good and stable. Health, relationship, career and finances will be stable and in good state. There might, occur some problems in finances but that too will be for short time. Here is the month wise horoscope for Aquarius for 2021


This month will be good. Your curiosity for knowing new things will rise this month


this month, allow you to party or go on a trip. Discuss and share your ideas with others for better opportunities and advise.


Nothing new will happen this month. You will be doing your routine work.


Good things are coming your way. This is the month for your ambitions. You will get the guidance for your mission.


First half of the month will be good but in second half you will be getting pressure from job and relationships.


This will be challenging and testing month for you.


Start of the month will not good. People will be annoyed from you. but you will be in good mood.


This will be a happening months. Many things will happen at a time


This month will be confusing. You will have to decide whether to give up or to stand up against all the odds.


You will feel energetic this month. There are Chances of good news from some people.


This will be a good month. You will be having mixed moods


This month will be good at professional end but will not be that great on personal end.