Leo Star in Urdu – Leo Star Personality in Urdu

Leo Horoscope in Urdu

Leo Star in Urdu – Leo Star Personality in Urdu (22 July to 22 August)

They Like Flaunting

Exposing is one of the top-notch highlights of a Leo’s character. He likes to showcase as well as utilizes his elegance as a device to obtain things done. Leo Horoscope in Urdu they are brand suckers and desire to put on immaculately created fits. Leo’s possess a serious love for meals, extravagance and equipment. They don’t get worried investing any amount of cash to buy their preferred add-ons! Leos can simply create a number of unwanted practices like betting, addictive buying and overspending.

Leo’s Love Being The Centre Of Attention

Leo people are interest hunters and they love becoming the center of interest. They prefer to be discussed, adored and valued. These people are event lovers and want to be amongst big crowds of people. Nevertheless, Leo’s dislike to be belittled and do not take the thoughts of critics gently.

Leo’s Are Born Leaders

Leo people have amazing leadership characteristics. They are an supreme authority, persistance and loyalty. Leos worth self-reliance and may need some room regularly, even though they are into associations.

Leo’s Are Admirers Of Beauty

Leos are fans of elegance. Both Leo males and females fall for beauty. Leo’s are very worried about their public reputation that makes them incredibly choosy individuals. Leos are cautious at selecting individuals who could advantage them. They can be egotistic at time but strong down, inside the hearts of minds, they are really sensitive and may go to any level to assist you.


Discussing relationships, Leo tends to make devoted, real and reliable people. They are usually biased and likely towards favoritism. They put an overstated belief in their ideals which frequently leads to letdown. They may possess several matters for their love for elegance. Their relationships are unsuccessful for the similar cause.

Possible Health Concerns

Leo’s aren’t the most healthy of people. They are vulnerable to numerous conditions such as back-ache, lung area problems and kind of heart diseases.