Leo Monthly Horoscope in Urdu 2021 – Horoscope in Urdu

Leo Monthly Horoscope in Urdu 2021

Leo’s are born between July-23 and Aug- 22. Leo is the fifth zodiac sign. Leo is called the king of the zodiac sign.

Traits of Leo

Leo’s are bold, charismatic, dramatic, and intelligent, light hearted, and loving but Leo’s are arrogant. As the element of the Leo is fire, they are very aggressive and short tempered. The symbol of Leo is Lion, which is the symbol of bravery and courage, which means that Leo’s are brave and courageous and ready to take challenges.

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Leo’s Monthly horoscope 2021

Year 2019 is about to end and many people will be curious and anxious about the 2021. Many people will be making many resolutions for the coming year and will try to fulfill them as well. What if they can get an idea of the coming year and make their resolutions accordingly so that they can easily achieve them. One of the best ways to know about future is to read the horoscope. There are many ways a person can read his or her horoscope. The easiest way is to read from internet where there are many websites for horoscope.


On this website you can read about your horoscope. It gives the detailed information along with the lucky stone details that you can wear for making things easy and favorable. You can also ask any questions about your zodiac sign and future on the website.

2021 will overall be a good year for Leo’s. You will have to be enthusiastic and confident in your matters that will help you in many tings. It will be a good year in terms of career and job. You will be getting new opportunities that will be better from the present one but you will not be very satisfied even after availing the opportunity. Your work pressure will be reduced. As far as love life is concerned, it will be full of warmth and passion. There would be some issues but will be resolved soon. You will have to be very careful about you and your family’s health. You will get the chance to travel abroad specially for religious activity. In the mid of the year, there are chances that you will get reward for your good work. But you will have to control your emotions as they can affect you negatively.

Overall the year 2021 will be a very good and fruitful year for Leo’s.