Libra Star Personality in Urdu – Libra Star Meaning in Urdu

Libra Horoscope in Urdu

Libra Star Personality in Urdu – Libra Star Meaning in Urdu (22 September to 23 October)

Strive For Balance And Harmony

Libra people are so much peaceful and friendly. They love to make relationships while keeping a balance among several individuals. Libra Horoscope in Urdu they always condemn cruelty and injustice. They raise their voice for the betterment of the country and for peace in society. They also act as negotiators between the fighting parties and try to settle the dispute. They are also good at providing solutions to the problems and giving useful suggestions. They are lovely human beings but you have to be careful while irritating them.

Highly Compassionate And Empathetic

They are intelligent, sympathetic and always look for needs of other people. Their sense of judgment can easily identify the problems of their friends and they are ready to help them out. That is why Libra people are proved amazing individuals. If they have committed any mistake, they are going to accept it as soon as possible for the benefits of others.

They Are Unbiased

Libra people use unbiased opinions in discussions. They do not like favoritism and listen to the views and opinions of others and if agree, they appreciate it. They are very calm and do not accelerate in making decisions. They seek opinions and make decisions after proper analysis. For the sake of relationships, they are ready to accept blames. They love unity and try to gather all the people at one place.

Intelligent And Intuitive

Intelligence is the core quality of Libra people. They always pour reasonable and expert opinion on different matters. They never offend if anyone is trying to defeat them, rather they stick with their point of view and try to convince everyone. They always try to polish their skills. Their communication skills are the other way of grooming their personality.

Self-Indulgent And Selfish

There are negative points of Aibra individuals. They often turn selfish. They love self praise. If they stick to one thing, they never care for the other people. They are also unreliable.

Librans Don’t Make Good Decision Makers

They are not good planners. Regarding decision making, they do not have enough power to take things to a better end. For such a reason, they often create problems for others.