Libra Monthly Horoscope in Urdu 2021 – Horoscope in Urdu

Libra Monthly Horoscope in Urdu 2021

The people who are born under Libra star they are peaceful, far and they do not like to be alone. For them friendships, partnerships and relationships are very important. Libra’s are the beauty lovers and it is difficult for them to say no to anyone. They are always ready for help. Along with the positive characteristics and qualities, there are negative traits of the Libra’s too. They are diplomatic, unreliable and selfish.

Libra July Month Horoscope in Urdu 2021

Libra July Month Horoscope 2021

Time Period: The dates of the Libra start on September 23 and end on October 23
Element: The element of Libra is Air
Ruling Planet: The ruling planet of the Libra is Venus
Lucky stone: The lucky stone of Libra is Sapphire
Compatible start: Libra shows great compatibility with Gemini
Lucky numbers: The lucky numbers for Libra’s are 5, 6 and 9
Lucky days: The lucky days of Libra’s are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Libra Monthly 2021 horoscope

People who are born under Libra sign, year 2021 will overall be a good, creative and artistic year for them. They will be getting many opportunities in personal and professional life. They will be getting chance to travel. Personal opportunities will be in terms of partners and friends, they will be getting benefits from partners and friends. People, who belong to Gemini star, will be having important impact on you. In professional life they will be getting new opportunities for their career development. There are chances of getting money from different sources. It will be good year in terms of finances. There will not be any major problem.

First half of the year:

The year start will be normal, nothing will be exciting. First two months of the year you will have to be careful in dealing with the people. You might get pissed off, because of some people and you might let go some from your life but you will be happy about that decision. There are chances of developing a relationship with someone.

Second half of the year:

You might face problems in the start but the end of the month will be good. You will face some problems in the start; the rest of the time will be excellent. You will be having good mood and time in the second half of the year. Your birthday month will be great. Enjoy the parties, festivals and holidays, as this year is going to be great for Libra’s.