Pisces Weekly Horoscope in Urdu – Weekly Horoscope in Urdu

Pisces Weekly Horoscope in Urdu 08 March to 14 March 2021


2021 Pisces Weekly Horoscope in Urdu – Weekly Horoscope in Urdu

2021 Pisces Weekly Horoscope in Urdu if you are a Pisces, you should be ready for all of the new and unusual events that will occur for those born under this zodiac sign in the year 2021. You may find yourself to be somewhat restless and yet on a guest to seek new experiences, or are looking to break up in areas where your routine seems to be stifled individuality. You may even end up displaying some rebellious tendencies, especially if you find yourself being restrained by other people, especially by the ones around you.

Your relationships may take you to a place where you can get great enjoyment and enlightenment from, just don’t let them distract you from what’s important in your life. To make the best of 2021, you need to stay true to yourself and follow your instincts and ideas that pop up in your mind to help spice things up, or else you might end up entering a rebellious phase which let’s face it, no one wants. You may feel that there are some limits being placed on you by your obligations to others since you will be making a lot of promises but would be doing less to fulfil them. Make sure you use this time to finish some your long-term study or put an end to any legal matters that you may have between yourself and others.

When it comes to your finances and career, 2021 will prove to be a year of improvement from the start and will offer you a lot of opportunities that will help you in increasing your wealth and income. You realize that some partnerships are taking more than they are giving you, but be patient since the payoff would be a reward worthy of all that waiting. There is a high chance that many of you may end being their own boss, or attain more freedom in their jobs. Some may even find themselves working in a whole new field or department in the same company, maybe as a freelance operator of some type.

This is probably the most exciting year for you to meet a new love or form new friendships that will last you many years. You can find yourself being with people who are from a different cultural background, or from another country, or those who far away to be your friends. These people would bring the most benefit. However, some of your old relationships may start to fall out of your life meaning that you may have to move on.
Your health in 2021 should be taken care of with the utmost importance since bronchial problems may haunt you, and for those who suffer from seasonal allergic reactions, be wary of being outside for long periods of time. There may also be some concern for a close parent or partner in this time, as an operation or stay in the hospital may be happening here.