Taurus in Urdu – Taurus Star Personality in Urdu

Taurus Horoscope in Urdu

Taurus in Urdu – Taurus Star Personality in Urdu (20 April to 20 May)


If you are not determined to achieve something, you are not Taurus. Taurus people are so much determined and consistent to achieve something in their lives. They always go for the thing they wish for or desire to get it. They are also very stubborn and if they stick to something, they never turn their back. That does not mean that they are quick in making any decision. They properly analyze the situation and think calmly. If they reach a conclusion, they will stick to it and nothing can stop them from achieving that goal. They never change their opinions for the sake of others. They have their own point of view and it is defended very strongly. This kind of attitude often lead them towards troubles and difficulties. Today we provide here all information related to taurus star and also provide you in other post Taurus Horoscope in Urdu you can read here monthly and yearly horoscope also.

Luxurious Life

They love to spend a luxurious life. They have a great flavor of food, clothing and using costly accessories. They use brand materials and love to show off their status. They love nature and love to be affectionate. They also praise others and admire the beauty of things. In fact, if anyone is looking gorgeous, they will be tempted to have a chat with him/her.

Bundle of Friends

Taurus people are always surrounded by the gorgeous individuals. They love to make friends and love to gather all of them for chit chat. They are humble and polite and that is why many people are attracted towards them. If they turn around from someone due to irritation, they will show a worst behavior so people should be cautious about it.

Emotions and Sexuality

Taurus people are so much possessive. They openly show off their love for others and they love to be loved. As stated earlier, they love expensive things; they love to give away costly and beautiful gifts to their loved ones. The materialistic nature of Taurus people also put them into jealousy. They never want their partners to praise anyone else. In a nutshell, they show so much care and respect to their loved ones and want their company and affection throughout their life.


The Taurus people are also so much careful about their health. They love to be in shape and do physical exercises. They also feel so much stresses at times. Due to the drinking habit, they may suffer from several problems.