Wazifa For Baby in Urdu – Wazifa for Baby in Quran

Wazifa For Baby in Urdu – Wazifa for Baby in Quran

Wazifa For Baby

Wazifa for Baby Boy in Urdu`

Wazifa For Baby in Urdu

Wazifa For Baby

Children are the flowers of heaven’s garden.

It’s nature that everyone wants to has a baby. Children are looked upon as a blessing. Anyhow, it is a belief of Muslims that children are purely a gift of Allah. There are many married couples in the world who are desirous of babies. They really have love for babies. Due to some problems they don’t have them.

There is a saying of Holy Prophet (PBUH) that He (PBUH) will be proud of the greater number of His followers. When a couple get a baby then they will get perfaction in their lives. Family is most important source of get pleasure.

Sometimes, many couples are unable to reproduct. Due to some problems they can not get babies. But medical treatments measure prove to be futile. And the couples become completely hopeless. Allah’s strategy starts where your hope ends. Such hopeless people can read the Wazifa for baby with full belive in Allah. When they pray to Allah for baby then Allah will accept theirs prays. And they will have the reward in the shape of a baby with beautiful shape and pious nature.

You can pray to Allah for a baby either by reading Allah’s great names or by reciting different Surahs. For example, if you recite “Ya Mussawir” and “Ya Khaliq” (meaning “O the Creator of Shapes!” and “O the Creator!”, respectively) together for hundred times after every prayer, you will get a baby.

By reciting the Surah Ya’sin, a man gets every possible or impossible things.

You can also pray to Allah for a baby after reciting Surah Ya’sin after the Fajar prayer.

Allah almighty will honour you in the form of offspring.