Wazifa for Success in Exam, Job, Love and Everything

Wazifa for Success in Exam, Job, Love and Everything

In this world, every one has a desire to get success in every part of life. Probably, its not wrong to say that its a major dream to be successful. So finally the secret of getting success is struggle. “Struggle”is a key to success.

There are three things you can consider as a prerequisite for success:
(1) strong belief in Allah;
(2) Sincere hard work; and last is
(3) humbleness. When you have powerfull faith in Allah, you obey His orders as conveyed by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

When you obey the Holy order and fulfill your obligation to Allah, you are indeed on the authentic & genuine guidance. And when someone is on the genuine guidance, they must be sure to successfull in every field.

The Holy Quran gives the same message in verse 5 of Surah Al-Baqara:

“They are (the people) on (true) guidance from their Lord (Allah). And it is these (people) who will prosper.”

On the second place, comes the sincere hard work. Hard work always pays. In verse 39 of Surah Al-Najm, Allah gives the same message: “And that there is nothing for man except what he strives for.” In other words, man gets whatever he strives for. At the same time, humbleness has much importance.

It is must to get the true success. You might yourself be having experience that only those branches of the tress are laden with fruits that bow. One of the best ways to gain Allah’s favor for success is to read wazifa for success. If you perform this wazifa with honesty,no absence, sincerity and devotion, you must be assure to acchieve success in every field. For Wazifa for success, you can go for either the Marvelous names of Allah or some Surah from the Holy Quran.